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Secure Data Backup Solutions in NSW

Get peace of mind knowing your data is backed up securely in the cloud. Our cloud experts work with your team to configure and implement an appropriate backup strategy that works behind-the-scenes, 24/7.

Data Backup Services from LeadIT

At LeadIT, we go beyond traditional disaster recovery solutions to provide our clients with comprehensive business resiliency. Our goal is to help businesses anticipate and mitigate risks, minimise the negative impact of any potential disruptions, and move forward with confidence. With our extensive experience in various IT services and disaster recovery landscapes, we are well-equipped to extend these benefits to your hybrid IT environment.

Our approach to business resiliency includes leveraging cloud-native technologies, ensuring that your critical systems and data are protected and accessible. With continuous backup solutions, we guarantee that your data is consistently backed up, minimising the risk of data loss and ensuring quick recovery in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Centralised administration is a key aspect of our disaster recovery services. We offer easy-to-use tools and centralised management platforms that allow you to efficiently monitor and manage your disaster recovery processes. Also, our solutions are designed to provide you with value for your investment, delivering robust protection at an affordable price point. With unlimited backup capabilities, you can safeguard your critical data without worrying about storage limitations or escalating costs.

Better Protection and Less Downtime

Protect the files you’re currently working on first, and make it easy to go back to previous versions of your files by date. Our backup solutions will also allow you to isolate your data from local device failure, malware attacks, or natural disasters.

The best thing about our data backup solution is that you can access your files anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. Also, it’s the quickest way to restore your systems so you can keep on running.