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Managed IT Services

Comprehensive Managed IT Services in NSW

At LeadIT, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient IT infrastructure for the success of your business. Our comprehensive Managed IT Services are designed to provide proactive, cost-effective, and scalable solutions that empower your organisation to focus on its core competencies while leaving the management and maintenance of your IT systems to us.

Email Hosting Services

IT is mission-critical to your organisation and you need 100% reliable hosting for it. Applications and data must always be accessible and reactive. Our entire infrastructure – connections, servers, networks, climate and power control– has been designed to increase efficiency to the highest level possible.

We employ multiple layers of security, including carefully hardened versions of server operating systems, Juniper Networks managed firewalls,), real-time server monitoring, and imposing physical security measures such as 24/7 security guards.

LeadIT offers hosted email services. Features include 50GB disk space per mailbox. Spam filtering and anti-virus programs, webmail. Gateway and filtering solutions. Please contact LeadIT with any questions about our email hosting services.

Application Services

Applications are crucial for your organisation. They drive mission-critical functions and keep your business running — so they need to be kept up-to-date and available.

Effectively and flawlessly functioning applications are necessary to avoid costly downtime and to reduce cloud costs by paying only for licences for active users. LeadIT’s experienced application management technicians are here to help you with the most effective cloud application management system. Popular solutions we support include CRM Apps, RMS, Genie, and Oracle.